Company Culture

Great Lakes Dental Partners believes that happy employees will lead to happy patients. In the spirit of professional collegiality and collaboration, Great Lakes Dental Partners dentists and staff regularly exhibit their sense of community by spending time with team members across the network outside of the office. Holiday celebrations, team meals, and sports outings are some of the ways our team connects and promotes the culture of support, crucial to the success of a growing organization like ours.

Community Involvement

At Great Lakes Dental Partners, we are dedicated to serving our communities by continuing to educate through our partnerships with local schools and organizations. We pride ourselves on bringing patients the best dental care, and we bring that same care and concern into our communities, where we help spread the word about the importance of oral healthcare to people of all ages. Because caring and community pride go beyond just dental health, we believe in giving back though participation in fundraisers and charity events in the Midwest.

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